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VA loans

This Federally Guaranteed Program for Seniors is NOT For Everyone !

Property values have almost quadrupled in this area, yet many seniors struggle to pay everyday bills. We don’t want to add another bill, a mortgage payment, to that mix.

At Home Trust for Seniors, we only work with seniors over 60. Having worked for years helping our neighbors utilize the equity in their homes, we are the experts in this field. Whether you are struggling to put bread on the table and gas in your car, want to use the equity in your home to make additional investments, or use the loan to purchase a different home, you always hold title to your home and never need to make a loan payment. This is a perfect strategy for lowering your tax rate in retirement and with a good financial consultant, the earnings on the money may never be taxed.


  • It is extremely easy to qualify financially for a Senior Home Equity loan. You only need to show that you can afford the taxes and insurance on the home over the next several years.

  • FHA insures the loan and protects you the client, the lender, and the client's heirs from an “upside down” situation. The loan becomes due when the signers on the loan leave the home permanently.

  • The heirs are never responsible for more than the balance of the loan or the appraised value of the home, whichever is less.

  • If the heirs want the home, they can pay off the loan or if the loan is upside down, they need only pay 95% of the appraised value.

  • The signers on the loan do not even have to be married or related.

We are here to give you the facts!

Most estates sell the home to pay off the loan, all monies left over are added to the estate. HUD participates in regulating the program and the industry to protect your rights at all times. We at Home Trust for Seniors follow every recommendation made by HUD. Our goal is to protect our clients and their families. As part of this protection, a 3rd party counselor will go over all of your rights and requirements, to make sure you understand everything.

In 2001, Congress passed legislation making these Senior Home Equity Programs a permanent government program. Most people don’t know about them and even less understand them. We are here to give you the facts.

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